About Us

9K International Manpower & Recruitment Services Corp., is one of the top-performing employment company established to meet the overwhelming demands of Filipino professionals abroad. It has tied-up with Turkish, Pakistanis, Indians, Canadian and Filipino investors who have extreme confidence on Overseas Filipino Professionals’ (OFP’s) skills, attitude, competence, and determination.

9K International has started providing semi-skilled workers to Gulf Region and now it is expanding its services to more Asian countries, the Gulf Region and Africa. We are continuously being approached by new clients to professionally provide them with their manpower needs. 9k Manpower --- our name, is already almost synonymous to quality & professional service, smooth & fast deployment, and abroad security.

Since its conception, 9K International has established itself as one of the most reliable and professional agencies in the Philippines and are further strengthening its reputation in the international recruitment. As it is growing immensely in terms of new countries, new categories, new projects, and new clients, 9k Manpower is continuously exploring new business opportunities that would further expand its horizon and at the same, it is remained focus on its objectives to fully satisfy its clients, to continuously improve itself, and to instill to its candidates the passion for excellence!

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